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Finding a job you love!

We’ve all met them, those people who just LOVE their job. Have you why or how they could love a their job? Surprisingly, this only accounts for 15% of the employees in a typical organization. So where do you fall in? Are you among the 15% of individuals in your company who are flourishing or are you among the 85% of people who are having a difficult time finding a job they love? If you fall into the second group, there’s a good chance you’ll remain stuck in jobs that are not satisfying.

So What Are the Chances of Finding a Job You Love?

If finding the job you love is left to chance, unfortunately, the odds are not very good. Even access to high-quality jobs, you could potentially change work environments seven to ten times and still not find a job where you’d naturally flourish. Most people give up after three or four job changes and make the decision to settle for a career that is less than satisfying. It doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you’re willing to consider new opportunities!

Are You Ignoring What’s Right in Front of You?

If you are smart, diligent and well-trained, going to work every day and seeing others excel while you’re stuck in the same spot, you’re not only in the wrong job, but you may be in the wrong industry. Why does this happen? From an employment perspective, most people define themselves by their education, only working in positions that they’ve received specific training for. Others will focus on experience, only looking for those positions that they have always done. When you only focus on those two areas, it is easy to get stuck doing work that you’ll never find engaging. When you’re stuck, your mind naturally becomes resistant to new ideas.

Consider Something New and Completely Different!

Thousands of people will be buying and selling homes this year. Who do you think will help these people buy and sell their homes? Professional real estate agents from rock solid, respected real estate firms will be the most sought after agents in the market to help these buyers and sellers. Poorly trained real estate agents who got into real estate during the sub-prime or "hot real estate market" are rapidly being replaced by intelligent, professional, and practical agents who consider real estate a long-term career not just a lucrative hobby. Naturally, these are the agents who also have the ability to be successful because they are able to understand the financial needs and life goals of their client. Many people have the talent, compassion, and skills necessary to do this job, yet don’t even know it.

No Real Estate Experience?

People often assume that you need true real estate experience in order to be a successful real estate agent and this is typically one of the first questions asked. The quick answer is no, you don’t need to have experience in order to be successful. Prudential Myrtle Beach Real Estate has spent years developing a business process and system that is guaranteed to produce results. We pride ourselves in finding those unique individuals who have the strengths and ability to create a natural fit in this industry. We’d prefer to train new agents in this process than solely hire people with real estate experience. The journey begins with you. Ask yourself this, do you have the ability and potential to thrive in this industry? If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for?!

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