Like They Say, “The Devil’s In The Details”

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Moving across town or across the country can be daunting.  Sometimes it helps to hear from someone who has just made a move - because over time, we all forget the details.

We moved to Myrtle Beach at the end of July in 2014 and we are still finding out things that we "should have" known.  Here was one little detail that we missed – and it took quite a while to fix:

When we built our house, we were extremely encouraged by the significantly lower property taxes on the house - less than $1,000/year.  Coming from New Hampshire, where the property tax on our not very big house was over $9,000/year, made this just one more really good reason to move.  What a shock when we received a tax bill close to $3,000.

It turns out that no one bothered to mention that you have to actually "declare" residency in South Carolina.  Apparently, buying a house, registering your cars, registering to vote and getting a Driver's License is not enough. Hum....I'm still working on that one.

Anyway, don't get caught like we did.  Go to the assessor's office, fill out their forms, show them your Driver's License, Registration, and last tax bill from your old house, and Georgia (a very nice lady in the office!) will take it from there. The good news for us is that our tax bill did ultimately get reduced by over $2,000 - but because no one told us, it took 4 months before we got the money refunded.  Be smarter than us - take care of this detail sooner than later.


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