Should I "stage" my home?

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Home staging can a great benefit and help sell a home that otherwise may have sat on the market for a while. While some buyers have wonderful decorating style and imagination, some need help seeing how a room can be laid out, what type of furniture works best and, in some cases, it helps a buyer to see what a spare room can be used for. Have you ever walked into a house and seen that room that you just aren't sure what to do with? If that room had been staged it may have been easier for a buyer to envision themselves in it or give them an idea of what they would do with it. That being said, not all sellers have the money in this market to hire a home stager. That's alright! There are things that you can do with what you already have to make your home shine!

  • Remove yourself!

What I mean is, go outside, walk in through the front door and imagine that you are buying this house all over again. Take all of your personal thoughts and feelings out of the equation and put yourself in a buyers shoes. You may LOVE your zebra print pillows with your leopard rug and ceramic animal collection but the buyer you want, may not. Once you are able to see that the goal is to sell, not stay and look at your home that way, it will become much easier to get started.

  • Remove clutter and personal items.

A few photos on the wall or on a shelf are fine, a wall of photos of nothing but your family and friends, not fine. This makes it hard for the buyer to envision themselves in the home if they are constantly seeing your face around every corner. The first step to staging your home yourself is to create nice clean lines. A few decorative pieces like a a vase with fresh flowers, or a simple piece of wall art will make all of the difference. One thing I can't stress enough, make sure that the counter tops in your kitchen and bathrooms are clear! If you have an appliance on the counter that you don't use, put it away! If you leave all of your personal items on the counter in the bathroom, put them away!!! Buyers will look at all of your things and miss the best features if you don't showcase them. This puts your home in the back of their mind and that's NOT where you want to be.

  • Too much furniture is a bad thing!

You are selling square footage, floor plan and overall space! If you have furniture in a room that makes it hard to move, it gives the appearance that your house is too small and may make a buyer feel as though they may not be able to fit their furniture in there. Keep it simple and keep it flowing. Don't block windows, doorways or place furniture in a spot that you have to make an effort to avoid it. If your king size bed doesn't allow for ample walking room on each side, it's too big for that space and buyers will feel the same way.

  • Get ideas!

If you know your home needs to show better but you are at a loss for ideas, pick up a magazine or go online to see what you like. Take some of those ideas and make them work in your own home. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of paint and cleaning. You can find great ideas on color choices, organization and stye online at DIY or HGTV or you can watch all of those shows too as homework! :)

Selling your home doesn't have to be difficult or complicated but it does take a bit of effort. Choose an agent that will help guide you in the right direction and don't be afraid of change. This will help you have a smooth and stress free sale and may also give you new ideas for your new place! One more tip, if you do decide to hire a professional home stager, the cost to stage your home is usually less than your first price adjustment if your home doesn't sell right away. Just food for thought.

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