Natural Pest Control Methods

Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Nov 8th 2012 10:46am In: For the home

It's that time of year when Myrtle Beach starts to get a little bit cooler and all of our little eight legged friends outside will be looking for a place to stay warm and hide. I don't know about you but my house is not welcoming them with open arms. You can use poisons and chemicals that will no doubt take care of them and their entire insect family but it could also be harmful to your family or your pets! Here are some natural ways to deter pests, specifically spiders, and keep them far away from your house. As an added bonus, by planting these around your home you have some beautiful landscaping and herbs to use in your next recipe!

  • Lavender! Lavender will deter many biting insects because of it's incredibly potent scent. Scorpions, centipedes and spiders are particularly averse to this scent and with many other buggies running from it, spiders that still will run out of food, forcing them to relocate and leaving you with a pleasant smelling space with no unwelcome visitors.
  • Rosemary! One of my favorite herbs and a popular one to use in many Thanksgiving dishes. Though rosemary has a faint smell to humans, spiders find it repulsive, be careful though when planting. Rosemary tends to take over most plants in their perimeter and should be planted in pots of in beds used only for rosemary plants.
  • Catnip! For those of you with feline friends you could get lots of use out of this nuisance to spiders. Spiders can't stand the smell of catnip. The down side, you may attract more friendly felines to your yard.
  • Vanilla! That great smelling bean can really pack a punch and spiders hate it! you can even make your own repellent by pairing it with vinegar and use it on your baseboards or even as a spray if you see them around the outside of your home.

These are all excellent natural deterrents that also serve a purpose. if you want to keep these creepy crawlies out of your garage or away from those corners on your ceiling, use a powder as spiders can climb right over your sprayed perimeter. Talc powder just gently wiped along the edges and corner of the ceiling will make it impossible for them get a good hold on the way. Also, food grade Diatomaceous Earth is made from crushed seashells (basically) and acts like little razor blades to an insect with an exoskeleton, killing any that cross it's path. it is completely safe to humans however and a great deterrent for those spiders that climb into the cracks in your garage and even those pesky palmetto bugs that find their way in sometimes.

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