Home Improvements that pay off

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Spring is in the air and people have begun their long "to do" list of home improvement projects. Whether it is to sell a home or simply spruce it up after the winter, everyone has something that they would love to do to their home.

  • First thing's first, don't ignore the obvious. Homes need basic maintenance and care. Perhaps your landscaping is overgrown or has died out, the pollen and weather has done a number on your home and it needs to be power washed, or maybe that leaky spot in your roof is no longer a small annoyance during a hard rain storm. Take the time to do the obvious, then move on to the other stuff!
  • Pay attention to your neighborhood. Improving your home's value is one thing, OVER improving and making sure your house stands out above all of the other homes in the area, and not in a good way, may not be the way to go. Know what buyers are looking for and give it to them. If you need to sell your house, be sure you are appealing to those looking to buy it!
  • Add some color! Spring is the perfect to add a little color to your curb appeal! Blooming flowers and luscious green plants will do a lot to make your home look great!
  • One last hint, siding replacement, new roofs, new windows, and kitchen remodels tend to pay of the most.

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