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If moving can really ruffle your feathers, so to speak, what do you think it does to your pet? Here are some helpful tips on how to make your move easier for all of you! After all, your pet is part of the family and their feelings matter too!

1. Let’s face it, the process of moving is taxing on everyone and to your pet it can often mean long hours in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by strangers. To minimize the impact on your pet be sure to move them last. If your move will take several hours be sure to let them stay in the home you are moving from as long as possible. This allows them to remain in their own surroundings making the transition much easier on them. This will give your pet a sense of peace and create an environment void of fear, stress and anxiety.

2. Be sure you are well stocked! Any space that is used by your pet needs to have plenty of food, water and any toy or item that is comforting and familiar to them. Just like a baby, sometimes having a blanket or something that smells like will help ease their stress. If you are using a pet carrier, be it large or small, be sure that your pet has enough space to stand up and turn around as well as sit upright. Your pet carrier should be properly ventilated, set in a location out of direct sunlight and should be loaded last.

3. Always be sure that your pet has proper identification. A collar with your name and contact information should be worn at all times during the move, especially if you are ever separated from your pet. Some may even opt for a microchip implanted under the skin but for those who don’t have the readers available to them, there is nothing better than the information being right on the tag on the collar.

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