Is your home worthy of a good impression for potential buyers?

Dated: July 17 2020

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Ever judge a book by it's cover? Potential buyers do the exact samething with your home. To convey that your home is the perfect choice for them, it's importaint to make a good impression upon them coming in contact with your home [curb appeal].

It's important you take the time to take an outside look at your house. Get the opinions from friends, and even professionals like your BHHS Myrtle Beach Realtor. As Realtors and experts in the area, we are in and out of houses every day and know exactly what most buyers are looking for.  You don't want to have your home leave a bad impression in the buyers mind; this could be one reason why its on the market longer than others. 

Typically there are a few things on both the inside & outside of the property that could use a touch of improvement.

  • Landscaping- Is the yard maintained, grass mowed, edges trimmed? Bushes and flowers alive and blossoming? These little things could make or break your homes image to others.
  • Cleaning- You'll want to make sure your house is clean, both inside and out. A simple pressure wash of the house and driveway can work miricles. Of course you'll want to make sure the inside of your home is clean and welcoming. We often overlook daily the little things that will matter to the potential buyers, like putting your shoes away instead of dropping them by the door, making your bed everyday, folding the towels and sheets and organizing closets.   Putting out fresh flowers and goodies an make your home feel warm and inviting. Wash windows, inside & out for a sparkling view!
  • Painting- As much as you may love your bright blue kitchen and your vibrant orange accent walls, many looking to purchase a home see these as a negative or something they will need to change.  Consider painting a neutral color that may help increase the sale of your home.
  • Flooring- Maintaining a clean carpet may be difficult  over many years of wear and tear, so be sure to have your floors professionally cleaned or even updated. It may cost you some up front, but in the end it will also increase the value of your home.
  • When you have a job interview you look your best, and prepared and ready.  Make your home the same way for potential buyers!

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